A small boutique salon in Apollo Bay.

Dedicated to a healthier salon space Otway Botanicals is a calm, relaxing environment offering a service that is as natural and chemical free as possible. Partnering with companies that create products of the highest quality dedicated to an ethos of minimising the  toxic and allergen causing ingredients that we use on our hair and skin and which go out into our environment.


Hair care from the leaders in green chemistry, OWAY colour system is ammonia, artificial colourant, petrolatum and paraben free. It is free or low in PPD, synthetic frangrances and resorcinol, non-GMO and vegan. OWAY products are rich in organic and biodynamic ingredients. The ultimate in sublime blends of essential oils, phytoproteins and nourishing butters.

OWAY supports global fair trade networks and develops eco sustainable projects including their own OrtOfficina biodynamic farm in the heart of Bologne from which many of the medicinal herbs are grown, harvested and processed on site through pure steam distillation.

Australian made OmVeda products are formulated using traditional Ayurvedic guidelines that have been used for over 5,000 years. OmVeda uses pure organically grown herbs, flowers, barks, leaves, naturally occuring minerals and oils from seeds, fruit or nuts.

OmVeda Ayurvedic skincare formulations are immensely effective in the actions of cooling, stimulating, nourishing, moisturising, healing, antiseptic, germicidal and antiviral as prescribed.

OmVeda is not tested on animals, is free of chemicals and preservatives and abides by the principle that what is applied to your skin should be good enough to be taken internally.


Prices are inclusive of GST





This treatment uses infrared and ultrasound to deliver protein to the cuticle and cortex of the hair to strengthen, moisturise and soften. It improves the structure and elasticity of the hair to deliver smoother and shinier hair. Excellent for chemically damaged, frizzy or dry hair. Includes Blowdry.

Treatment time – 60 min

$80- 210 – depending on length and thickness of the hair

Although one treatment achieves excellent results it is best as a series of 3- 6 treatments.


Choose from

 A powerful blend of ethical Amazonian clay, Biodynamic Sage and organic Euphrasia is massaged into the scalp to detoxify and rebalance a scalp prone to sebum inbalance.


Purifying rice wax, biodynamic Thyme and organic willow, biodynamic Rosemary and a phytocomplex of organic nettle and Burdock purify and regulate oily or dry scalp dandruff.

Treatment time 40 min

(with colour service)

$90 – $150
(stand alone service with hair treatment and blowdry)

Shampoo & Blow dry

$60 – $85

Add hot tool waves


Pricelist is intended as a guide only as each person’s hair
and requirements are individual and time taken will vary.

Basic Trim

$45 (under 35 min)
This service will not include a shampoo. Includes express dry off.
Hair that has grown out by more than 10 weeks will likely take
more time and will therefore not fit under the basic trim category.

Reshaping and Style Creating Cuts

$65- $120 (45-75 min)
Services requiring a little or a lot more time than a basic trim.
After blowdrying, further detailed finishing dry cut work completes the style.

Hot Tool Waves or Curls without Shampoo or Blow Dry

$40 per half hour of time taken

Shampoo, Cut & Blow dry

(short hair)
to $120
(long or thick hair styling)

Haircut – Express Dry Trim or Clipper


Beard Trim


Bridal & Special Occasion Styling

It is a joy and privilege to help create a beautiful style that is unique to you for your special day. Please don’t hesitate to call and discuss your individual requirements.

$80 – $150

at your venue – from $50 travel


From $175 (short hair)


From $205

A non aggressive waving system based on Cysteamine, an amino acid derivative similar to Keratin.  It is enriched with botanical active ingredients biodynamic helicrysum, organic Blackthorn extract, eithical Chia and Flax seed. FREE of THIOGLUCOLATES, SLS, SLES, AMMONIA, PEG, PPG, BG & SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE.



This price list is intended as a guide only.  Prices vary depending upon length and thickness of hair,  amount of product used and time taken. If you would like a more precise quote please get in touch and schedule a short consultation appointment prior to making your colour appointment.

OWAY Hair Colour

HCOLOR (permanent solid colour)

Full grey coverage, vibrant colour ammonia free colour system activated with Illipe butter. Low in PPD, Resorcinol and without parabens or petroleum based ingredients. No GMO and vegan friendly.

HNECTAR COLOR (colour infusion & treatment)

Reflective grey coverage for a natural blended look. The purest ingredients to create a pure colour infusion. A sugar based concentrate of biodynamic Elderberry, organic Mallow and Papamiel nectars. There is no ammonia, no PPD, GMO and is Vegan friendly.

Prices vary depending on length & thickness of hair, amount of product used & time taken. For any colour correction or creative colour  it is recommended you make a time for a short consultation regarding pricing and time the service may take.

Regrowth/Roots Only

$110 (under 6 weeks regrowth)

Base Colour

$110 – $170

Base Colour – Part Line Only


Foils / Balayage

(Price excludes toner)

Face Frame Only – From $80

Quarter Head (crown & partline) – From $80

Half Head – From $110

Three Quarter Head – From $130

Full Head – From $150

Please be aware that a certain colour “look”you may be after can require multiple separate services, either within the one appointment or as a series of visits. Please don’t hesitate to ask or to make a consultation appointment.

Balayage, foils, freehand work and toning are all separate services and are charged accordingly.

Prices vary depending on time taken and amount of product used.

Olaplex treatment is recommended with most bleach lightening services.


H-Colour – From $60 (short hair)

H-Melt-Vibrant Pastels (vibrant concentrated phyto pigments) – From $40

H-Nectar – From $60 (short hair)

H-Melt MASK – From $45
To enliven and intensify reflect in natural or coloured hair. Increases duration of colour work. Organic Mullein and biodynamic Dock intensively nourish, protect and moisturise the hair concurrently.

Blow dry after colour service – From $30


Treatment with hair colour/lightening
From $45

Standalone Treatment
From $60 (short hair )
From $120 (long hair – includes blowdry)



Lash Tint

sensitive plant based option available

$30 (or $25 with any other service)

Brow Tint




Lip, Chin or Cheeks

$20 each
(or $15 each when in multiples or with any other service)



1/2 Leg


3/4 Leg


Full Leg


Bikini to Brazilian

$35 – $70


$25 – $30


$35 – $50




$ 45



Remedial (60 min)

Tailored to suit your needs. Treating and releasing muscle tension. Nurturing, calming and balancing. Using an individually formulated blend of Aromatherapy pure essential oils.


Reflexology Foot Treatment (40 min)

A zone therapy that improves circulation, and revitalizes energy. It balances the body, reducing stress and inducing deep relaxation.




Using Om Veda divine pure skin food formulated from organically grown ingredients and Oway organic and biodynamic skincare utilising hyalominerals, Ceramides F and plant based Bio retinol. Highly active, nourishing and effective in bringing out the natural radiance of your skin. Whether to address a specific skin problem, regain a youthful glow or simply to escape into blissful relaxation. Descriptions below are a guide only as each treatment is tailored to your individual needs

Express Cleanse (35 min)

The perfect first facial or as a quick rebalance treatment. Double cleanse, skin polish under steam, an individually prescribed Om Veda exfoliation using a unique combination of ayurvedic herbs to effectively balance surface congestion whilst evening the skins tone to reveal a brighter clearer and smoother complexion. Finishing with nutrient creams to balance and enhance your skin.


Express Nourish (35 min)

The perfect first facial, or as a quick skin rehydration. Double cleanse, skin polish, enriching or hydrating mask treatment as needed and finishing with prescribed Bioretinol, ceramide or hyaluronic treatment serum.


Deep Cleanse and Rebalance (60min)

Following on from  the Express Cleanse, additionally any necessary extraction work. High frequency current is used where necessary to promote healing followed by a prescriptive ayurvedic  mask treatment. Concluding with tailored healing and balancing creams and serums as your skin specifies.


Luxe Rejuvenation (90min)

Double deep cleansing skin polish and an exfoliating enzyme peel to refine, rebalance and smooth the skin. Any extractions as needed and high frequency treatment to refine pores, decongest and reduce puffiness. Alternately, depending on skin requirements, infusion of nutrient rich serums prior to a specific extended European facial massage which includes  decolletage and neck. This massage works beautifully to tone the facial muscles and improve microcirculation. A highly active Ayurvedic mask is then prescribed for your specific skin to nurture radiant, softer skin. Finally intensive booster serums finish the journey in bringing out your best skin. Included in this treatment is a hand massage.




Using toxin free polishes.

Application or removal of shellac polish is not offered as the products required for these services do not fit with the salon’s ethic of a toxin free environment.

No Formaldehyde  |  No Toluene  |  No Phthalate (DBP)  |  No Formaldehyde Resin Tosylamide  |  No Camphor  |  No Xylene  |  No Paraben  |  No Rosin  |  No Nickel  |  No Triphenyl Phosphate  |  No Acetone  |  No Heptane  |  No Ethyl Tosylamide

Express Manicure (15 min)

A simple no soak manicure. Nail shaping, nourishing cream and polish.


Classic Manicure (40 min)

A warm aroma infused nail soak, nail shaping, cuticle tidy and Om Veda Mango Butter moisture infusion. A gentle exfoliation with Withania and honey Ayurvedic scrub is followed by an extended hand massage using the ultra nourishing OmVeda Date enriched moisturiser. A beautiful Polish finishes the treatment.


The Buff Manicure (40 min)

A no polish manicure that restores hand and nail health and is especially good for weak brittle nails. A warm aroma infused nail soak is followed by nail shaping and cuticle work. Om Veda ‘Mango Butter’ enriches the cuticles whilst ‘Withania and Honey’ exfoliation leaves the hands glowing before the nail surface is polished and buffed to encourage nail microcirculation and growth and to smooth and shine the natural nail.


Express Pedicure (35 min)

A soothing foot soak, nail and cuticles work and gentle reduction of any dead skin build up. Date enriched nourishing treatment cream is applied. Finishing with a polish colour of your choice.


Luxe  Pedicure (60 min)

A soothing foot soak, nail and cuticle shape and tidy before work to thoroughly reduce  cracked heels and calluses.  ‘Withania and Honey’ scrub then smooths and polishes the skin and Om Veda Hand & Foot rejuvinatormask is applied to soothe and nourish. Finally to ease away tension an extended foot and calf massage with the ultra hydrating Om Veda ‘Date enriched ‘moisturiser.
A pop of polish completes the treatment.


Buff Pedicure (60 min)

As per the Luxe Pedicure, although instead of polish the natural nail is polished and buffed to a healthy shine. This improves microcirculation in the nail bed and is a great strengthening treatment for weak brittle nails.


Reflexology Foot Treatment (50 min)

A zone therapy that improves circulation, and revitalizes energy. It balances the body, reducing stress and inducing deep relaxation.


Prices are inclusive of GST and subject to change
2% surcharge for credit card payments


Karina Shircore

With over 25 years in the field of skincare, hair and beauty therapies my qualifications encompass a Diploma in Natural Therapies – Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology (1992), a Diploma in Applied Science – Beauty Therapy (1994) and many years as a Senior Hairstylist.

I love taking the time to listen carefully to your needs and embrace the variety in what I do. From timeless low maintenance cuts and colours to bright creative  hair colour and dramatic style changes. From remedial massage to efficient detail in waxing, gorgeous facials and pedicures!

**Note – I use the term “low toxic chemical ” rather than  “chemical ” as all substance reactions are chemical, even natural ones. This term is intended to be more accurate as ” chemicals” are always used in every salon.

*** solar powered salon