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From the leaders in green chemistry, OWAY colour system is ammonia, artificial colourant, petrolatum and paraben free. It is free or low in PPD, synthetic frangrances and resorcinol, non-GMO and vegan. OWAY products are rich in organic and biodynamic ingredients. The ultimate in sublime blends of essential oils, phytoproteins and nourishing butters. Organic Way is the first company in the professional sector to use Amber glass for all bottles and jars. Glass is pure and a cleaner recyclable choice. Glass will protect and preserve the integrity of botanical extracts within the formulas. Unlike plastic glass will not release toxic substances or contain potentially harmful chemical products.

OWAY supports global fair trade networks and develops eco sustainable projects including their own OrtOfficina biodynamic farm in the heart of Bologne from which many of the medicinal herbs are grown, harvested and processed on site through pure steam distillation.

Australian made. OmVeda Ayurvedic skincare formulations are immensely effective in the actions of cooling, stimulating, nourishing, moisturising, healing, antiseptic, germicidal and antiviral as prescribed.

OmVeda products are formulated using traditional Ayurvedic guidelines that have been used for over 5,000 years. OmVeda uses pure organically grown herbs, flowers, barks, leaves, naturally occuring minerals and oils from seeds, fruit or nuts.

OmVeda is not tested on animals, is free of chemicals and preservatives and abides by the principle that what is applied to your skin should be good enough to be taken internally.

OLAPLEX is the world leading product in preventing damage and repairing hair. Increasing colour  options without the risk of breakage.

OLAPLEX is a bond multiplier containing the single active ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

OLAPLEX works by finding single sulphur hydrogen bonds and cross linking them back together to form disulphide bonds before, during and after services.

Disulphide bonds in the hair are broken when exposed to chemicals in colour, from heat and from mechanical force such as combing wet hair.

OLAPLEX is free of silicones, sulphates, phthalates, and aldahydes and is never tested on animals.

All Mavala nail polishes, base coats and top coats allow nails to breathe. They contain a resin extracted from wood which adheres to the nail surface in the form of a flexible and resistant film which remains porous, allowing oxygen and water vapour to pass through the nail polish to the nail plate. They are also free from toxic ingredients.


No Formaldehyde  |  No Toluene  |  No Phthalate (DBP)  |  No Formaldehyde Resin Tosylamide  |  No Camphor  |  No Xylene  |  No Paraben  |  No Rosin  |  No Nickel  |  No Triphenyl Phosphate  |  No Acetone  |  No Heptane  |  No Ethyl Tosylamide


by appointment only




Shampoo & Blowdry

$40 – $80

Cut Only

$30 – $50

Cut with Shampoo / Blowdry

$40 – $80

Clipper Cut


Beard Trim


Upstyling / Weddings

$70 – $120

at your venue – from $50 travel



OWAY Colour – H Color or H Nectar

Prices vary depending amount colour used, hair density & time taken


$70 – $80

Base Colour

$80 – $130

Base Colour – Part Line Only


Foils / Balayage

$70 – $160


$20 -$50

Olaplex Treatment in Colour

From $30

Lash Tint

sensitive plant based option available


Brow Tint


Brow, Lip, Chin or Cheeks


any combination of above or with any other service

$10 each

1/2 leg


Full Leg


Bikini to Brazilian

$25 – $60


$20 – $25


$25 – $35




$ 40

1 Hour


Express Cleanse Facial (40 min)


Deep Cleanse Facial (50min)


Luxe Facial (85min)


Express Pedi


Luxe  Pedi


Express Manicure



Karina Shircore

My qualifications encompass a Diploma in Natural Therapies – Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology (1992), a Diploma in Applied Science – Beauty Therapy (1994) and many years as a Senior Hairstylist. Over 25 years in the field of  Hair, Skincare and Natural therapies working in salons with Jurlique, Dermalogica, Ella Bache, Algologie, Napoleon, Redken and Delorenzo and now with Oway Organic, OmVeda Skincare, Olaplex and Mavala Nail Care affords me  a broad knowledge  in Natural Hair, Skin and Body.

I value taking the time to listen carefully to your needs and embrace the variety in what I do. From timeless low maintenance cuts and colours to bright creative  hair colour and dramatic style changes. From remedial massage to efficient detail in waxing, gorgeous facials and pedicures people seem to love!

Dedicated to a healthier salon space Otway Botanicals offers a service that is as natural and chemical free as possible. Partnering with companies that create products of the highest quality dedicated to an ethos of minimising the  toxic and allergen causing ingredients that we use on our hair and skin and which go out into our environment.

Enjoy quality magazines and a selection of organic loose leaf teas and filtered coffee with a Lindt chocolate or raw vegan treat. More often than not you will be the only client in the salon offering a calm, peaceful space for relaxation.

**Note – I use the term “low toxic chemical ” rather than  “chemical ” as all substance reactions are chemical, even natural ones. This term is intended to be more accurate as ” chemicals” are always used in every salon.

*** solar powered salon